Cream Soup Base, Natural

natural cream soup base


Natural Cream Soup Base is an economical way to get your meal off to a great start. This cream soup base can be used over pasta of your choice by simply adding your favorite spices, herbs and seasonings. Add your favorite meat, vegetables and potatoes for a hearty meal that your whole family will love! This base is made with real whole milk and contains no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.


For Soups:
1/2 cup Natural Cream Soup Base
2 cups Broth or Liquid

For Sauces:
3/4 cup Natural Cream Soup Base
2 cups Broth or Liquid


1.) Always blend the Natural Cream Soup Base
into some or all of the liquid while it is
cold. Whisk until smooth.
2.) If cooking other ingredients in the soup,
cook them until they are just about finished,
add the Cream Soup Base/liquid blend in a
slowstream, while stirring.
3.) Bring to 190 degrees or just about
boiling, while stirring constantly.

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