Good Morning Everyone,                                                      4.12.21

I am back from Florida and back to writing another “Letter from Home”.

This morning we had 50° and a gentle rain. It had been quite dry before this. The work horses are out in the pasture; they get another day of rest since the farmers cannot work in the fields because of the rain.

Our lawn has been cut last week and now it looks very lush and green. Some flowering trees are blooming beautifully, and the Red bud tree is just beginning to push out its lovely color. A few early things are planted in the gardens. Birds are back from their sunny winter home, including a few Purple Martins. I have not seen the Oriole yet. Spring is here to stay, I hope.

The church youth enjoyed an early morning time on Good Friday to go Easter caroling and a mid-morning breakfast at one of the homes. On Friday evening they also got to see slides and listen to a local man tell about the work they did when they were in Cambodia as missionaries. It was very interesting.

Events in Mt. Hope are:

  • Chupp furniture sale on April 17th.
  • Hospice Fundraiser on May 7th & 8th.
  • Machinery sale on April 24th.
  • Superior Friesian on April 30th & May 1st.
  • Swap Meet on May 14th & 15

On our own we can do nothing, for we need God’s loving hand to guide us in so many things we do not understand. And though we may not see the way He’s answering our prayers, we cannot doubt His presence, or the fact HE TRULY CARES.

This verse was copied in a birthday card someone sent to me.

Have a good day,  Sovilla