Good Afternoon,

Stepping out the front door of the store, cool crisp air greets me. It smells like Fall. Soft clouds are scattered over the sky mostly hiding the sun, but we can still see some blue sky. There is not much wind but the breeze that I can feel when I peek around the corner of the building comes from the north. All in all it is a beautiful Fall day.

It got too cold for the pumpkin and squash that we had at the front of the store and now they are gone. The leaves are still not yet all off the trees. One lady that does yard work could do grass leaves and snow all in one day. The gardens are cleaned out, except for the carrots & red beets that are covered up, and the winter frost and cold have taken over. Now is the time to remodel farm buildings as I saw a farmer doing that to one section of his barn.

Just recently there was a young lady in the store that said she is Norwegian and asked if we have Speculaas. Do any of you in E-mail land know what that is?

Now that warm weather is leaving us the events at Mt. Hope are not so plentiful anymore and benefit auctions have slowed down as well. Folks are getting ready for and looking forward to family times at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Last week the Ashery had the annual Baking Sale week with a good turnout. This week we start giving out the Calendars for 2020.

On Tuesday eve, the girls are planning to fix/fill shoe boxes for needy children through Operation Christmas Child organization. Besides having poppy seed sandwiches, salad, and dessert for supper there will be a snack table. Imagine 20 girls each bringing a snack! We will have quite a feast.

Our turkey butchering day will likely come next week. Just in time for Thanksgiving.

I hope you all will have a Blessed Thanksgiving Day with Family and Friends.

Let us then be true and faithful, trusting, serving every day……