Good Morning Everyone,    

Another day has begun with beautiful weather for a summer morning in August.
School has begun already and Labor Day weekend is coming up. By the time you read this it will be past. It makes a person think, “Where has the summer gone?”
We have a colony with 4 boxes, with 16 compartments each, of Purple Martins, but they have left for a warmer climate. During the summer months we get a lot of bird song. Especially in the evenings as they gather home for the night it gets to be quite noisy. It is very interesting to watch them. Now since they have left us it is very quite around here.
Our green bean plants just keep on bearing, and yes, I have been getting black tomatoes. The plant does not bear a lot but enough that we can enjoy them. They are medium in size and are shaped almost like a pear. They are not exactly black but are darker than a regular red tomato. I was impressed with the flavor; they are good!
The benefit auction for the country of Haiti is to be held on Friday evening and Saturday, August 30 & 31st at Mt Hope. That always draws a large crowd of people. It is held every year on Labor Day Weekend.
Right now there is hay being made on the farm. Hopefully we will get some more warm dry weather to ripen the corn. It may be another month before corn is ready to be chopped and put into the silo.
A friend told me what she uses for a natural mosquito repellant. Mix 1/2 oz Lemongrass oil and 1/2oz Eucalyptus oil with approximately 10-12oz water and put into a spray bottle. Shake well before each use. It can be used on humans or animals.

Quote “A bend in life’s road is not the end of the road…”

Until next time, Sovilla