Good Morning Everyone,


What a beautiful morning! Icy cold at 0 degrees with a clear blue sky. Smoke from the neighbors’ chimneys is drifting lazily up into the sky giving the air a frosty look.


It has been cold and snowy for so long I have actually gotten used to it and am enjoying the beauty of the glistening white snow. This brings back memories of how the winter of 1977-78 had been. I hear comments of how this is an old-fashioned winter.


This is the time of year when a lot of folk go to Florida to escape the cold and receive the benefit of the warmth and sunshine.


We left our carrots and red beets in the garden and covered them well with leaves, etc., and plastic to keep them fresh all winter, but with this intense cold the tops of some of them did freeze. Even though we have to work hard to get them out it is still worth it to have fresh veggies.


The church ladies have gathered again to work on a quilt today that will be sold at one of the benefit auctions this summer.


Our neighborhood has the sad event again of having a funeral. To dig a grave by hand surely won’t be an easy task with the ground frozen. I am confident though that they will get it done.


This morning I enjoyed watching the Belgian horses that a farmer had turned loose out in the pasture, as they ran, jumped, and rolled around in the snow. They were thoroughly enjoying their freedom from being cooped up in the barn. They might even have a touch of cabin fever. 🙂 I think everyone will be looking forward to spring this year.


Have a good day!