Wow folks, you are probably wondering if I’ve fell off the face of the earth. Some accuse me of sleeping and some accuse me of always being on vacation. If you want to know the facts, check with my wife. It’s been since early December that I wrote a letter from home and a lot of exciting things have happened since then.


We were able to spend some great times with family over Christmas & New Years that we don’t get to see too often. I trust you all had a wonderful Christmas time and a great beginning to 2014!


Like pretty much everywhere else we have been trying, with a degree of success, to stay warm around these parts with the brutal temps. It would seem most of you have been doing the same as the Ashery has been kind of quiet with the weather beinga little challenging for getting out on the road. Just know, as soon as you’re ready to come, we will be here to see you.


Speaking of being here, a heads up to mark on your calendars. There are 2 days that we are closed in the Spring that people often do not realize. The first one is Good Friday, April 18th, the day we commemorate the death of Jesus, and the second is Ascension Day, Thursday, May 29th, the day we celebrate the ascension of Jesus as spoken of in Acts 1:9-11. These 2 days are kept as holidays by the Amish and you won’t find a lot of places open around these parts on those days. Just thinking of Easter makes me shiver wishing for warmer weather.


As we are looking forward to the last 11 months of 2014….. yep, one month is gone already, we are excited for the opportunities we see coming up here at the Ashery. It’s almost too cold to talk about the one I’m thinking of right now. Beginning this Spring, The Ashery will be offering a soft serve frozen custard. The employees are all very excited about this as they will be involved in the perfecting of the recipe. AKA Taste Testing!


Around here though, it’s never too cold for Ice Cream, just the thought makes me smile.  We are looking forward to seeing you all.


Until then, Stay Warm and think about Ice Cream!

Happy Trails, Curt