Good Afternoon Everyone.

How are you all doing on this partly sunny, hazy, beautiful summer day?

We are now having typical Ohio summer weather, warm and humid, but there is a nice breeze blowing. The laundry dried quickly that was hung out on the washline. It is a pleasure to fold and put away clothes with the fresh scent of the outdoors still lingering on them.

We are blessed to have had a nice amount of rain. The garden plants are doing well, still green and growing. We like to have fresh lettuce to eat from the garden all summer, but to have it grow in the summer heat can be a challenge. One tip that helps is to make shade for the seedlings when you transplant them. We put a wooden block or a brick, or whatever is available that has the correct height, at each end of the row, then lay a board on top to creat a roof for the plants. You don’t want it to touch the plants. Then leave it there only until they have begun growing nicely.

The first cutting of hay is done and was a good crop. The cornfields are also looking good. We have much to be thankful for.

A group of six ladies took the day off from their household duties to visit widows or elderly people in the area; being a blessing to them by brightening their day.

Mt Hope was a busy place today with lots of people looking for bargains among the garage sales that were being held all over the town. This is also the day that the weekly livestock auction is held.

Summer time is also time to go camping and for those that enjoy cooking over a campfire here is a recipe to try, using pie irons.

Mountain Pies:

Bread, pepperoni, pizza sauce, chopped onions, ham slices, browned hamburger, cheese slices.

Spray irons with cooking spray. Place a slice of bread on each side of the iron. Spread pizza sauce on one side, then layer with ham, onions, hamburger, pepperoni, and cheese (or whatever you desire or have on hand). Close the irons and cook over the open fire until toased evenly on each side.

For a dessert, slice Angel Food Cake into square flat slices (or use bread) and lay one on each side of the pie iron and spread a small amount cream cheese filling and any flavor pie filling on one side. Close the pie iron and toast on both sides. (Tubes of pie filling work well.)

Thought for the day: “He who assists another up a hill rises closer to the top himself.”

Have a good summer! –Sovilla