Good Evening,
     We certainly are having some beautiful fall weather! The sun shone bravely through the fog this morning and the mist just had to leave. Yesterday morning it was foggy also, but not quite as heavy. It lay more in the lower parts and the tree tops were visible above the fog, and below it the cows that were grazing in the field were shrouded in the mist. It made a lovely scene.

   For art class in school this week the pupils are supposed to fix a scrapbook sheet for a middle aged lady that suffered a stroke and had open heart surgery. I’m sure she will enjoy them.

Farmers are busy getting corn into the silos and filling silo bags. Some hay was cut and baled into large round bales and wrapped in white plastic. That means there will be feed for the cattle this winter.


   Potatoes and sweet potatoes have been dug and squash brought in. Fall garden plants are doing well. Broccoli is ready and tastes almost better than springtime broccoli. Radish and Endive are growing well. Does anyone have suggestions on how to use Endive? A good way to give steamed vegetables an extra rich and tasty flavor is to drizzle a little toasted sesame seed oil over them before serving.
    We have an abundance of spaghetti squash and the way I like them is to cut them in half and lay them cut side down on a cake pan, add a little water and bake them until soft. Scoop out of the shell and sprinkle with seasoning of your choice, such as: Ashery’s Own All purpose seasoning (similar to Spike), or Adobo seasoning. Or you could serve with spaghetti sauce and hamburger, etc. It depends on the size of the squash how long it takes to bake them. I suggest at lease and hour at 375-400F.


   Quote: “The best vitamin for making friends is B-1”

Have a good day, Sovilla