Greetings once again,

I’m hoping this finds you all doing well. If you find you’re in need of a little inspiration just step outside and take a long, deep breath of this gorgeous Autumn air. It will perk you right up!  Every fall I’m in awe of the Glory of God when I look around at the sea of colors.

With the month of October comes a very exciting time of life for my family as we celebrate our daughter Valerie’s birthday. It seems crazy to me that she will be turning 15 this year. God has blessed my wife and I with 4 great children, Valerie is our 2nd born and only daughter.  Here’s the thing with all of this, it also means I’m getting older.  That’s scary!

Birthdays of loved ones always get me to reminiscing and in doing this I think back of when I was 15. If I would name the pillars in my bank of memory one of them would have to be called, “People who gave”. People who invested in my life or planted a seed of confidence in my mind during that time of my life. The list could be endless but would for sure have to start with my Father & Mother, from there it would be my siblings and extended family. Once the list goes beyond family there is this vast array of names that I could write down, but there’s a hand full that are in BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS. These are the ones that went out of their way because they cared and saw that I needed encouragement, a listening ear, a hug, or understanding like only a 15 year old needs.

As I look around at all the broken relationships in homes across America I can’t help but wonder what might be, if more of us would take the time to give of our lives by being that person in BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS for someone else. I would guess we all could think of someone to sow seeds of kindness and life to. Think about the impact if we would each choose 2 kids to invest in this next year and teach them to invest in 2 more. According to my calculations if 500 people would decide to do this for 10 years and each of the people they impact would also agree to do this for those same 10 years we could positively impact 29.5 million people. That’s pretty neat if you stop and think about it. Just don’t stop to long, times a wastin…..It’s time to make a difference.

Happy Trails,  Curt


The leaves are turning in Amish Country. I’m not an expert but the peak of color is coming right up.

Come enjoy the scenery and stop by The Ashery and say hi.