Good Morning,


It certainly feels like winter is coming. We had a chilly temperature of about 43F this morning. At least we know that Fall is here. It looks like it will be partly sunny today.
I was looking out my window on the back side of the house and noticed a few small birds flitting around and by looking with the binoculars I could see they were yellow rumped Warblers. I suppose they are on their way south.

Silos have been filled and most of the corn has been picked. Now some odd end jobs are getting done.

Cellars and freezers are well filled. We have been blessed with lots of fruits and vegetables this summer.

We still have some pepper plants and cabbage in the garden, otherwise it is pretty well cleaned out. The red beets & carrots that are still there will get covered and we will dig them as needed.

I heard that National Geographic rated Holmes County the 3rd best place to see fall color in the world!

Last week a group of Ladies took the day off from work and wend for a drive to see the beautiful colors. The best view was along route 643. Although the sun was not shining it was still very colorful.

If you happen to burn yourself while working in the kitchen or where ever, put honey on it. One lady said she decided to try it because she heard it works. It took the pain away and there were no blisters.

Now is the time to be creative with recipes for squash casseroles. I tried one the other day with an acorn squash, but need to tweak it a little before I try it again.

A friend left this thought with me so I decided to pass it on:
“What if we only received today what we thanked God for yesterday?”

You all have a Blessed Day,