A cheerful greeting to all on this fine September day,
     I hope this finds you all enjoying the end of Summer/ beginning of Fall. It’s an exciting time of the year with Fall Festivals, pumpkin pies, & cool nights right around the corner. A perfect time to spend the evening around the campfire with family and friends.

   September 15th 2015 is a big deal to us here at the Ashery as we Celebrate with Sovilla her 30 years of working at the Ashery. For those who may not know, Sovilla is the lady that you will find at the customer service desk, roaming the isles at the Ashery, answering your questions, sampling items, running registers, or just being a part of a conversation with a customer.

I remember when my dad did an interview with Sovilla at our kitchen table. (I was 10 at the time) Sovilla has pretty much seen every change that we have went through here at the Ashery in the past 36 years and has loyally stuck with us every step of the way. Many of you may remember when she did everything behind the counter (because pretty much everything happened behind one counter 🙂 ) ; checkouts, serving ice cream, deli, & packaging.


   Over the years many of you have come to know Sovilla as your friend and a person that is there to hear what you have to talk about, not just about food. Sovilla currently works 4 days a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and most Saturdays. I’m not far off when I say that every day she is not here someone asks “where’s the lady that has always worked in here”. Some of our customers wonder if Sovilla is part of the owner’s family. Sovilla’s last name is Yoder, the same as my families, even though she is not closely related to us. (It seems like every other person’s last name in our community is Yoder.) We’ll just say she’s worked here long enough that she is like family.
     Something that has meant a lot to me is the way she was here for us all during the time that my dad passed away in 2004. Sovilla knows what it’s like to lose a family member and cared for us all very much during that time.
      If you feel the urge I encourage you to let Sovilla know how much you appreciate her. You can do that through an email:  sovilla@asherycountrystore.com , card addressed to Ashery Country Store 8922 SR 241 Fredericksburg, OH. 44627, or simply stopping by and congratulating her on 30 years.
Thank you Sovilla for your Integrity & Loyalty of the past 30 years. You have helped shape who we are at the Ashery today and we are very grateful for this. We pray God’s richest blessings for you.


In other news we are planning our Fall Harvest Sale for September 24th – 26th. Watch for more info on our website about the great deals we will be offering for this event. We hope to see you here!

Happy Trails, Curt