Good Morning Everyone,

Greetings of Cheer on this foggy morning.

It’s a beautiful morning to take a walk. The sun had burned up some of the fog and I could see patches of blue sky among the grayish – white, fuzzy looking clouds. A few killdeer were calling to each other as they flew through the air, their white under parts glistening in the morning sunlight. The birds also know fall is here and time to start migrating. Blackbirds were congregating in large flocks and as I came closer to the edge of the woods I noticed a flock of approximately 15 Robins. Suddenly they all flew off and I heard the distress call of a Blue Jay as a Cooper’s Hawk came swooping in from behind me. That explained the reason why the all took off!

Farmers are chopping corn to fill their silos. The hum of a chopper could be heard from somewhere across the valley.

Folks are cleaning out their gardens and flower beds. Potatoes are being dug and squash brought in. Cellars and freezers are being well stocked with food for the winter. We have been richly blessed this year and to God be the glory. “To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven,” as King Solomon wrote, “a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted.”

School is back in session again and one day this week the pupils from one school house went to a neighboring school house to play softball with them. It is a day of fun and excitement for them to see which school will win.

Quote: “There is no strength where there is no struggle.”

Have a blessed day, Sovilla.