Frozen Custard & Ice Cream

Delicious Desserts

We’ve spent over a year taste-testing and creating a soft-serve recipe that was creamy, rich, and smooth. Our goal is to have the best possible frozen treats in the area for a reasonable price.

Planning an event?

If you’ve got an event, party, or wedding we sell 4oz. Party cups. Our delivery radius is 10 miles.

Our Flavors

Our flavors are available to be purchased as to-go cups, waffle cones, and sugar cones at our Ice Cream Counter. Each kind of Cecil’s frozen custard is also in our freezer section in Quart and Half Gallon buckets.

Year-Round Flavors

Classic Taste



Chocolate Vanilla Twist

Seasonal Flavors

April – November

Black Raspberry

Black Raspberry Vanilla Twist

Other Frozen Treats

Available at the Ice Cream Counter

Root Beer Floats

Cecil’s frozen custard or hand-dipped ice cream in fizzy root beer for a delectable treat!


Mix goodies into a small or large dish of Cecil’s custard. Add-ins available are Butterfinger, Caramel Turtle, Cookie Dough, Heath, M&M, Oreo, Pecan, Twisty Chocolate Bites, and Reeses Pieces.


Flavors: Chocolate, Fresh Ground Peanut Butter, Coffee, Raspberry, Strawberry Vanilla, Hot Fudge, or select any hand-dipped ice cream!


Available in our freezers!

Why Cecil’s

“For those who knew my dad, Cecil…he was always fond of homemade and soft serve style ice cream and our family recalls many great times while eating ice cream together.

Some of my favorite childhood memories were coming into the house at dark after doing yard work and having a bowl of ice cream together while listening to Herb Score call the Cleveland Indians game. We know that the quality of those Tribe teams in the 80s is not what made the times great, haha. Or the fact that the ice cream was great. (It was Goshen Dairy, which is no longer in business). What made those times great was because my dad took the time to sit down and enjoy something with his family.

Just writing this inspires me to do more of this with my children As a matter of fact, how about we ALL take the time to site down with our kids and, if you don’t have kids, your loved ones, and invest in their lives and spending time together.

And that’s why we chose the name, Cecil’s Frozen Custard – a product to remember all the great times together with Dad and to be a treat other families can enjoy while making great memories together.” – Curt