Manufacturer: Ingredion

Ingredients: Food Starch- Modified

  • Instant clear jel is made from Waxy Maize, and is corn based. However it is not Kosher and it is not gluten-free. It thickens wonderfully and is a pre-gelatined (precooked) item, so it is easy to add to fruit pies. Highly concentrated, so combine with sugar before using. Excellent for pies that will be frozen, either before or after baking.
  • 1 T. cornstarch = 1 1/2 T. instant clear jel
  • 2 T. flour or tapioca = 1 T. instant clear jel
  • For 1 Pie: Combine 3 tablespoons instant clear jel with 1/2 cup sugar. Add 1 cup water or fruit juice and combine with enough fruit for 1 pie. Add food coloring if desired. Chill and serve.