Manufacturer: Ashery Country Store

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Evaporated Can Juice, Corn Starch, Garlic, Dextrose, Roast Potato Flour, Soy Sauce (Fermented Soybeans & Wheat, Salt), Oregano, Onion, Celery, Rosemary, Olive Oil, Citric Acid, Parsley, White Pepper, Natural Lemon Flavor Silicon Dioxide, Thyme, Spice Extractives.

  • This seasoning blends salt, ground coriander, ground rosemary, whole bay leaves, ground sage and other spices. It will give your chicken, turkey or even more unique dishes such as duck or pheasant a delicious and savory taste!
  • Shelf Life: 1 year.
  • Formulated by Sovilla Yoder.
  • Only available at the Ashery Country Store.