Manufacturer: Blommer

Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa, Partially Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil, Whey, Artificial Color (FD&C Blue No. 1, Blue No. 1 Lake, Blue No. 2 Lake, Yellow No. 5, Yellow No 5 Lake, Yellow No. 6, Yellow No. 6 Lake, Red No. 40, Red No. 40 Lake, Sorbitol, Titanium Dioxide, Phosphoric Acid, Methyl And Propyl Parabens, And Caramel), Nonfat Milk Powder, Corn Syrup, Soy Lecithin added as an emulsifier, Wax, Dextrin, and Vanillin (An Artificial Flavor). **Contains: Milk and Soy Ingredients.

  • Smooth milk chocolate covered with a bright candy shell is what you’ll find in every package of these sweet Ernies. Eat these chocolate treats as a sweet afternoon snack or fill your candy dish with these colorful pieces for a treat your guests are sure to love!