Manufacturer: La Crosse Milling Co.

Ingredients: Rolled Oats

  • FAQ-
    Q- Are Quick Oats the same as Instant Oatmeal?
    A- No. Instant Oatmeal has been cooked and redried. Quick oats are rolled oats cut to a finer consistency.
  • Q- Are Baby Oats the same as Instant or Quick Oats?
    Quick rolled oats (sometimes called instant oats) are made from kilned, steel-cut oats processed by flaking and steaming. Quick Oats are commonly found in pouches with seasonings and sweeteners for a quick and nutritious breakfast. These oats are also used in breads, bars, and granola.
    A- No. Baby Oats are cut even finer than Quick Oats and will rehydrate almost as fast as Instant Oats.