Good Morning,

We are blessed with another beautiful morning. The last 2 mornings were cool with the temperature in the 60’s, and we enjoyed clear, sunny days. This morning we had 72°. It would be nice to have a shower of rain again.

Summer is going by at a rapid rate, but we enjoy every day of it. Produce is plentiful. We will have lots to harvest, to can or freeze for the winter. Some grain is ready to combine and hay has been made.

I remember when I was a teenager how I enjoyed hay making. We would put loose hay into the barn. It was fun but also a challenge to drive the horses hitched to the wagon with the hay loader at the back. The team had to straddle the hay row and when we had to make the turn at the corner I was taught to keep going straight until the rear end of the house was on the outside or just past the hay row before turning. If we did not get the turn made just right a clump of hay would get left behind and the men would need to jump off the wagon and fork it onto the wagon or over onto the next row. At the barn, to unload the hay we stuck harpoons into the top of the load and fastened a rope to them which were fed through pulleys then hitched the horses to the rope and they pulled the loaded harpoons to the top of the barn then also sideways to the hay loft. A sling made with ropes and wood was laid onto the wagon before the hay was put on and with ropes fastened to that and pulled up, the wagon was cleared of hay.

Events in the area:

• Sundown Sale in Mt. Hope on Friday evening, July 20th

• 19th Annual Benefit Auction at the Sprunger Building in Kidron on July 21st from 9am – 3pm. All proceeds support people with developmental disabilities in Wayne County.

• July 20th – 21st is the Mid-Ohio Swap Meet in Mt. Hope.

• Doughty Valley Steam Show on July 26th – 28th.

• Rainbow of Hope Benefit Auction will be held in Mt. Hope on July 27th – 28th.

• August 2nd – 4th is the Steam & Engine Show in Mt. Hope.

• The Ohio Mennonite Relief Sale is to be held at the Wayne County Fairgrounds on August 3rd & 4th.

“The purpose in a man’s heart is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out.” – Proverbs 20:5

Have a good summer,