Good Afternoon Everyone,

We had a surprise this forenoon when it snowed so fast the grass, trees, and everything outside became white in a very short time. But soon after lunch time the sun came out a little and the new snow all melted away. Changes in the weather keeps the winter interesting.

Is everyone getting into their winter routine now that the holidays are past? I think I am and I believe the winter will go by pretty fast.

Last week the church Ladies had the monthly sewing day and they knotted 9 comforters. Hopefully those will help keep some needy person warm.

     I saw one farmer hauling manure today; a chore that needs to be done during the winter.

Perhaps I will see some of you at the Home and Garden Show in Cleveland. Ashery Country Store is planning to have a booth there. Come on over and look us up. I hope to see some familiar faces come through there. The show is from February 6th through the 14th.

     It’s a Fact: Hairy Woodpeckers are named for the small hair like feathers around their nostrils. These woodpeckers are nearly identical to downy woodpeckers – ‘How can you tell one from the other?’
     The question last month had a little error; it read, “white animals,” and should have read, “white Admiral,” which is a butterfly. The answer is: They draw attention away from their vulnerable bodies, and they break up the shape of their wings, making them less discernable to predators.
    Quote: “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a gift to be enjoyed.” 

I hope you all will have a warm and safe winter,