Well folks here we are half way through the year, can you believe that? Before you know it we’ll be watching the leaves turn color and picking pumpkins. July and August are a great time of the year in our home as we often have family from out of state stopping by to spend some time together. The week of July 4th I have been able to spend a lot of time with my younger brother Norvan & his family from VA and also my oldest sister Cheryl and her family from SC. Cookouts, (Cecil’s frozen custard 🙂 ), yard games, fun times and reminiscing.

I’m sure I’ve wrote about this in the past but July 18th marks the day 12 years ago that my Dad Cecil died from his short battle with cancer. It’s always a sad time of reflection and also a time of realizing how good God is and has been. God has made a way for me and my family when it felt like everything fell apart and the future seemed very dark. Our family has changed a lot and we have experienced God in so many amazing ways. Some days I find myself thinking, “Man, I would love to take dad on a tour” and then I think of Dad saying “hey, I like to give you a tour of where I’m at” and I realize again that the here and now is temporary and the only thing worth investing in is what lasts for eternity. That’s really a pretty short list with one of those things being relationships.

Several years after my Dad died I came to believe deep in my heart that the reason we have been able to own a business is because of you, our customers & friends and I realized that we are here to show the goodness God has shown to us, to the people that are coming through our doors. In the way we do business, the words we speak and the service we offer on a daily basis. What an honor to have you as our customer & friend!

Looking forward to seeing you all in the near future,
Happy Trails, Curt