country corn chowder


Country Corn Chowder is creamy chowder with a perfect blend of spices and a generous amount of real dried sweet corn. Chunks of potatoes, onion, red pepper and parsley are included in this versatile mix. Try pairing the prepared soup with cooked chicken or turkey or add it to your favorite corn pie recipe for an easy, home-style meal in minutes.


3/4 cup Country Corn Chowder mix
2 1/2 cups water or low fat milk


Mix together well in saucepan. Stir
frequently, while bringing to a simmer.Simmer
on low for 15 min. (stir often to prevent
scorching). Remove from heat, cover and let
steam 5-10 minutes.
Options: Add cooked chicken or turkey and
hard boiled eggs for a one-dish meal.
Country Corn Pie:
Use whole milk instead of water and pour
finished soup into a pastry crust; cover with
another crust; seal edges and bake at 325 for
45 minutes.