Good day to all,

Hope this finds you doing great once again.

Have you ever found yourself wondering what you would do if you had more hours in a day? I sure have, but I don’t need to think very long before I decide that I’m glad I don’t have more than what I do.

Life moves along at a rapid pace and it’s even speedier when there are lots of things going on. Gets me to thinking, why am I here, and the things that I’m accomplishing are they really making a difference? If so, for what?

Along this subject, recently I’ve had the opportunity of being a part of some leadership training where I’ve been forced to stop and answer these questions. In doing so I have also seen the need to develop a written Vision, Mission & Values statement for our business here at The Ashery. It’s been stretching, frustrating, and good for me as I asked myself, what are we about? Long story short, it comes down to this:

Our Vision

To reach the hearts of people through tasteful experiences.

(Ps. 34:8a “Oh taste and see that the Lord is good“)

Our Mission

A daily focus on connecting with people through exceptional product delivery, healthy work habits, and a wholesome work environment.

Our Values

S – Stewardship

E – Efficiency

R – Relationships

V – Virtue (moral excellence)

We have experienced God’s goodness in so many ways and our desire is to give a taste of that goodness to everyone we meet, whether it’s to family, friends, co-workers, customers or even those who may seem against us. Many times I find that I don’t get it right, and I need to stop and consider my ways, learn from my mistakes, pick up, get up, and move on.  For me, I’ve found the best way to do this is to take my life and all my “heart stuff” and unload it at the foot of the cross where Christ gave his life, not only to give me Eternal Life but also that I can find healing. This has become very personal to me and today I testify to the goodness of God.

I’m always excited to see Autumn appear.  I just wish it would hang around as long as Summer. To me Fall means all things pumpkin, mums, apples, cider, cool nights around a campfire, ans colors.  Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming Fall Harvest Sale the last weekend of September.  Find all the information on our website, www., and come join us as we celebrate the goodness of God in the season of Fall.

Happy Trails, Curt