Good Evening to All,                                                                                  2-18-2021

The month of February so far has been rather snowy. It is very beautiful. We get a nice layer of snow, then a few days to enjoy it then another snow comes and covers the old dirty looking snow and it looks clean and white again. On Monday evening we got approximately 1.5 inches of little ice balls. It made a hard crust on top of the snow and the children had fun sledding down the hill in the backyard. This evening just before dark the snowflakes were falling gently again. It is inspiring to watch it come down and think about how the goodness and mercy of God comes gently upon us.

The following events are all held at Mt. Hope.

  • The Air Works auction is right now 18th– 20th. That will be over by the time you read this. I imagine the town is quite busy.
  • February 27th is for the Buckeye Dog Breeder.
  • March 4th– 6th are the dates for the Amish Country Home & Garden Show.
  • March 8th– 13th is the Mid- Ohio Draft Horse sale.

These days with all the snow farming consists mostly of doing chores and keeping the animals happy. There is too much snow to haul manure. The work horses are often out in the pasture field looking bored or romping around in the snow and trying to pick a fight or annoy each other playfully.

The youth had another evening of knotting comforters for the needy. On Saturday is the annual fellowship dinner for the church ladies and youth girls. It is always an enjoyable day.

I helped my niece make apple dumplings this afternoon. We peeled and cubed the apples and tossed them with a little sugar and cinnamon. The pastry we made same as a pie crust. We scooped a small pile of apples on the pastry and folded it over the apples to form a ball and set them in a baking pan and baked them at 350° until the apples were soft and the pastry lightly browned. Serve warm with milk and a caramel sauce or whatever you like. Yum! A delicious treat.

“Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and He shall sustain thee”….     Psalm 55:22