Greetings once again from the Ashery,

It’s an exciting time of year with springtime at our doorstep.
I’m hoping this finds you all having a wonderful week and that
your winter was everything you dreamed of.

We have several big events here at the Ashery in the next 3 weeks
so stay focused as you read. The numbers to remember are 60
& 40 (no, this is not my pant size, haha). Let’s start with the
number 60.

Today, Wednesday, April 10th, a special person by the name of
Sovilla Yoder celebrates the big 6-0! Sovilla has spent over 33
of those years working with us and investing in many friendships
through the store here. We wish Sovilla the very best for her
60th year and pray that God blesses her with the richness of
relationships, health & fullness of life for which she truly deserves.
Sovilla, the way you serve those around you and bless us with your
friendship & knowledge brings life to all of us. Happy 60th

To celebrate we are asking you all to send her birthday wishes and
words of blessing and encouragement. You can do it a few
different ways. You may send her an email to, post a birthday wish on our
Facebook page, or send a birthday card to the following address:

Sovilla Yoder
8922 SR 241
Fredericksburg, OH 44627
Thank you for participating!

The next number to remember is 40 – the 40th Anniversary Sale
of the Ashery is on May the 4th. We are very excited about the
celebration we have planned this year. You won’t want to miss out
on this special day! Please stay tuned the next several weeks as we
will be giving out more details through email and social media.

God Bless you all,