Good Morning,

We are having another rainy day. It is warmer which at least makes it a little more pleasant. I feel sorry for the folks that live in the low areas and need to deal with flooding. Hopefully things will be ok again after awhile.

Springtime is still a favorite time of year for a lot of folks. Seeing the wildflowers in the roadside ditches is getting to be quite interesting. There are so many different varieties. Too many to remember without writing them down as we see them. It is also interesting to see all the birds that visit my feeders. There is quite a variety and it seems like they must be feeding their babies.

Strawberries are in season, or just getting past their peak and taste so good! Yesterday we served fresh strawberry pie for dessert with our church meal. It was done for a treat for Father’s day. It was enjoyed by all!

Here are a few comments from customers that like our products. A lady from Florida ordered 10 containers of Ashery’s Own Hamburger Seasoning and said she likes it so well that she didn’t want to be without it. She likes it on any kind of meat. Another lady said that the Miller’s Natural Lovely Lavendar soap is her favorite. I like to use the Vanilla/Almond Goats Milk Soap as a shampoo. Today a customer came in with the label of a bag he had gotten earlier of Ashery’s Own Maple Pecan Granola and asked where it was because he wanted more!

A few events at the Mt. Hope Auction Barn include:

• Dog Breeders Fundraiser – June 20

• Ohio Crippled Children’s Fund Auction – June 28-29

-Friday will consist of an antique auction in the evening

• Transport For Christ – July 5-6

-Includes a truck parade on Friday evening

• Swap Meet – July 19-20

The 22nd Annual Doughty Run Benefit Auction will be held at Wise School on Saturday, July 13

While looking through a cookbook I found a recipe for rhubarb jam that I want to share with you from Mrs. Miriam Graber:

Simple Rhubarb Jam

5 cups Rhubarb, cut fine

4 cups sugar

1/3 cup strawberry jello

Let rhubarb and sugar set overnight. In the morning boil for 10 minutes. Add Jello. Put in jars and water bath for 5 minutes

“If I cannot do Great Things, I can do small things in a GREAT WAY!”  -Martin Luther King, Jr

Have a good month,