Greetings to all on this fabulous Fall day,

I sure am hoping you all are feeling as excited about Fall as I am. However, it just doesn’t seem fair that the most beautiful season of the year only lasts about 4 weeks and then… I won’t talk about what comes next.

For some of you I’m sure you might be dreaming of your southern home coming up in a few months. Oh well, I do like it that we get all 4 seasons in the great state of Ohio.

I noticed the last few days that it appears the leaves are changing colors about a week or 2 ahead of normal. I’m already seeing all the colors just getting ready to burst into full color. You don’t want to miss taking several drives through Amish Country this Fall to absorb this incredible time of the year.

An exciting change that happened here at the Ashery in the past 3 weeks is the paving of the gravel areas in our parking lots. I’m trusting it makes life better for all.

Some things to make sure you mark on your calendar are the annual 1 week Baking Sale the beginning of November and the calendar giveaway starting the middle of November.

I would like to leave you with a word of encouragement when thinking about our country and the challenging times we all have been facing. I find it easy to let my mind wonder out of control and let fear take over. I believe it was Mark Twain who once said something like this. “I’ve been through many terrible situations in life, some of them actually happened.” So very true. I can tell you one thing, if all had come to pass that I have ever feared, I would have died a very young man.

In my life I have found that in my relationship with God, through his son Jesus I have found “peace that passes all understanding”. What an incredible experience this has been.

It is available to all who believe. I can assure you, it doesn’t mean life will be without disappointment and pain but rather a strong stable presence to walk with us through it all. Jesus has given me a safe place to unload all my trouble and give me hope beyond compare.

Cheers, Curt Yoder