Good Morning Everyone,

     We blessed with another beautiful, sunny morning.  The sun shines through some haze and it feels like it will be a warm day. Just right for August. Tomatoes are ripe and are being canned as juice, pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce, salsa, etc. A BLT would taste good for supper.

   Now is a slow time for the farmers. There is not much to harvest right now, unless you are a produce farmer. The next thing will be chopping corn to fill the silo.

A lot of the Amish schools will start on Monday, August 24th. Opening day is usually only half a day.


On Saturday, August 22nd, a machinery sale is to be held at the Mt Hope Auction grounds. September 4th & 5th, Friday eve and Saturday, are the dates for the Annual Haiti Benefit Auction also held at Mt. Hope. At this sale anything anyone wants to donate will get sold and the proceeds go to help the country of Haiti. Plus you can look at the quilts, etc, on Friday eve that will be sold on Saturday.


On September 18th & 19th is the Mid Ohio Alternative Animal Sale at Mt. Hope.


Organic Fava Beans is one of our new items in the store. They are a cosmopolitan ingredient, claiming a spot in the cuisine of cultures around the world. It is native to North America. Does anyone know how to prepare dried fava beans? Should we slip them out of their skin before eating them? I cooked some and I skinned them but I wasn’t sure if I needed to or not. They were very good.


Quote: “A river is like intelligence – the deeper it is the less noise it makes.”


Have a great rest of the summer!