Greetings to all and a Merry Christmas,
I trust this finds you and your family doing great!

We just recently held the Grand Re-Opening of our new expansion and had a tremendous turn out. A huge thank you to all our customers and everyone who came and showed your support on those days. We are really excited about the things we see in store for the Ashery!

Something I really enjoy is to hear everyone’s suggestions and input on things, like new items, how we are or are not doing something, what we need etc. Keep giving the feedback, we are blessed with some amazing employees that will work hard at providing the best experience we can give.

Every year during the Christmas season I find myself trying to step back, slow down and enjoy the things that matter most during Christmas. It sure is easy to get all caught up in the festivities & planning. One way I’ve found to do this is to get up earlier then everyone else, stoke the fire, grab a book & cup of coffee, sit by the window & think. One of those books that I’m just completing has got my attention very well. The book title is The Way of the Shepherd by Kevin Leman, William Pentak. A short easy read, addressing some very practical ways on how to lead people.

I’ve also come to see and believe that the greatest leader of all time is Jesus, the one who is the very core of Christmas. We live in a world that is very top down when it comes to authority and leading people. (The Boss is up here and everyone else is down below) I just love the example of Servant Leadership  that Jesus left for us with his disciples. Jesus came to serve and is calling us to do the same – Serve. I believe this world would be a better place if we would “serve” instead of looking to “be served.”

I really hope you all have a Great Christmas! After you have served your family and others this Christmas season, grab a cup of coffee, a book, sit down, and think.

Merry Christmas – Happy Trails & See You all Soon,