Howdy to one and all,


I’m hoping you all are having a great December. Sure seems a bit more bearable so far weather wise compared to the past 2 years. I’m fine with some snow but I’m also grinning inside with every beautiful day we are experiencing here in December. One less day of winter, what a great treat!


It’s hard to believe that the older I get the faster the year goes by and Christmas comes around once again. I’m thinking by the time I’m 80 it might seem like I’m celebrating Christmas every other month.

For many of us Christmas is a great time with family and friends and it’s no different in our home. Yet, we don’t have to look far to realize that there are many people during the Christmas season that are also going through difficult times. One of those times for me came 11 years ago when our family went through our first Christmas after my dad died. I was reminded of this in the last 2 weeks when I was made aware of 2 of our long time regular customer friends who had suddenly died of heart attacks. My heart grieves as I think of this loss and their families going through this first Christmas without them. Our prayers will be for their families that God will give them “peace that passes all understanding”.
Something my Father modeled to us as kids so well was reaching out to those who were in adverse circumstances. One of these particular times happened on a wonderful Christmas afternoon while all sitting around eating food and playing games. Somehow the subject came up of those sitting in our local jail over Christmas. Now I know these people have made choices that have landed them where they are but hey, they are human souls that need to experience someone caring about them as well. My Dad, recognizing this, called the local Jail and our family was granted the privilege of going to the jail that Christmas day and Caroling for all the inmates. I’ll never forget the responses we got from them. Some of them had tears and were amazed that someone would take the time to care about them like this on Christmas. I’m sure my dad now knows how much of an impact this had on his family as he celebrates eternal life with his Creator, God himself.

So I will end on this note today, reach out to those around you this Christmas, just “give” and forget about “getting”. It will change your perspective. I have also come to believe that we are not capable of giving what we have not been given. With that in mind I would like to tell you of the best gift I’ve ever experienced. It is the gift of Salvation (The forgiveness of my sins and the promise of eternal life) through Jesus Christ the very essence of Christmas.


Merry Christmas, Curt