Good afternoon to all our friends of the Ashery,


We are blessed with another beautiful day. I hope everyone is well and enjoying summer as it is slipping by very fast. We have had a couple days already that felt like fall is coming.


The gardens are doing well except the tomatoes are slow in ripening. The green beans are almost done. My green bean plants were very nice and bug free. It must’ve been the cold last winter that froze out the bugs. Late cabbage has been transplanted and carrot seed put in the ground for a fall garden. I want to sow radish seed again, also.


This was a good year for lilies. Must be they like moisture because my Day Lilies were very nice, big, and bright.



Does anyone have an idea how to get rid of quack grass runners in a perennial flower bed? They keep getting worse even thought I pull some out.

Horse Progress Days at Mt Hope was well attended with a report of having 20,000 people there on Friday, July 4th. A lot of people also enjoyed the Family Farm Field Days on July 18th-19th.

The Annual Haiti Benefit Auction is to be held at Mt Hope on Labor Day weekend.

On Sat, August 2nd, from 10-4 a diversified farm near Wilmot hosts their third annual Threshing Day, an event for the whole family.

I picked my first ripe tomato today so I had a BLT for supper. With fresh homemade bread still warm from baking, romaine lettuce, no nitrite bacon, Heidi Ann Lacey Pepper Cheese, and fresh cucumbers it made a delicious meal. The bread was made with 100% Organic sprouted whole wheat flour.

“If you want to break a habit, drop it.”
God is faithful   – Sovilla