Good Morning,

This morning we are having cloudy skies with a north breeze blowing. We had a few very nice, warm, sunny days this past week, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The spring flowers are blooming. The flowering trees are especially beautiful. I had the opportunity to visit the OARDC in Wooster and see the many flowering trees. It was beautiful, and well worth the trip.

A lot of things have been planted in the gardens and now we hope for a good harvest of fresh green veggies. Rhubarb time is here again.

The plowed fields are turning green with the fresh green shoots of oats, or whatever the farmers planted, beginning to grow.

The birds are back and make the woodlands come alive with the sound of bird music. The first clutch of Killdeer have already hatched. I saw a fledgling running in the pasture yesterday that was still a bit fuzzy. It was so cute. We can again enjoy the beautiful and peaceful scenes of black & white cows grazing in a lush green pasture.

In Charm, Coalway has a Barbecue Friday evening, May 18th, starting at 4:00pm and an Eggfest on Saturday, May 19th.

On Friday & Saturday, May 18th & 19th, the Swap Meet is to be held at Mt. Hope

On Friday evening and Saturday, June 1st & 2nd, the Kidney Fund benefit auction will be held at the Event Center in Mt. Hope.

June 7th is the date for the Summer Carriage & Pony Sale in Mt. Hope, and the 8th is the Draft Horse Sale, the 16th is the Machinery sale.

On Saturday, June 9th, is a benefit auction in Millersburg for Rails to Trails.

Today, we had 6 ladies here in the store from Canada. Three of them were sisters & 3 were friends. One came from as far away as Calgary, AL.

A friend sent me the following and mentioned it might a be a good one to put in my letter:

“Only A Minute

I have only a minute, Only 60 seconds in it,

I have to take it, can’t refuse it,

But it’s up to me to use it.

I will suffer if I loose it, Give account if I abuse it,

Just a tiny little minute, But eternity is in it.”

Do you want to try something different? Pick the nicest, cleanest dandelion blooms, wash & spin-dry them then stir them into you favorite pancake batter & fry like pancakes. Serve with gravy or syrup.

“For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone; The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle (dove) is heard in our land.”

– Song of Solomon 2:11-12

Enjoy Spring,

– Sovilla