Good Afternoon,                                        9-13-21

I stepped outside, curious as to what the weather is like this afternoon. This morning when I came to work it was very pleasant. Now it is actually quite warm, hazy and humid. We have had a few cool nights last week that felt rather good after those very warm days we experienced for a few weeks.

The fall display in front of the store looks beautiful, the girls do a good job in arranging it.

On the farm: Silos are being filled and still some grass is cut for hay or haylage.

Gardens are beginning to get cleaned out and sown in with a cover crop. Potatoes were a good crop for a lot of folks. It must have been a good year, weather-wise, for them. The tomatoes also did exceptionally well with the plants staying green versus getting brown and dying off. We have had a bountiful harvest this summer. I feel sorry for the folks that lost their home due to the hurricane.

Ashery is having their Fall Harvest Sale this week, September 16th– 18th. The Holmes County Home is having a benefit auction on Saturday September 18th. Winesburg is also having their Fall Gathering on Saturday September 18th.

The events Mt. Hope is hosting are:

  • Mid- Ohio Alternative Animal & Bird Sale – September 16th-18th.
  • Back to the Farm Feeder Sale – September 27th.
  • Mid- Ohio Draft Horse Sale – October 4th-9th.
  • Swap Meet – October 15th-16th.

To the lady that wanted a copy of the Walnut Creek Valley Cookbook, please give me your phone number or email address, I lost it. Sorry.

“For the Lord taketh pleasure in His people: He will beautify the meek with salvation.”  Psalm 149:4

Have a good month,