Good morning everyone,

I lifted the shades at the window this morning and, wow! The ground was white with snow. Yesterday had that cold, bone-chilling dampness in the air so it is no surprise that we got snow last night.

After I did the laundry I went for a walk. The air was still hazy, making the sky look grayish white, almost the same color as the ground. Rabbit tracks were seen zigzagging across the yard. A flock of rock doves were flying and circling over a cornfield that had been harvested. All that was left in the field, that could be seen, was bent-over corn stalks sticking up above the snow and they practically didn’t know where to land or what to do.

The blue jays had already emptied the feeder of peanuts that I had put out earlier. Did you know that blue jays hide their food? A friend told me about this one day: then I noticed a blue jay hopping around on the grass with a peanut in its beak. I watched to see what it would do. It stuck the peanut into the grass then picked up a leaf that was close by and laid it on top, tapped it into place and flew off. Hmm! Smart bird! I hope it will come back for it and not let it go to waste.

On Sunday evening our youth had their Christmas Program which brings a large group of young folks together for a time of fellowship. On Tuesday evening, December 10th the Christmas supper for the employees of Ashery & Ashery Farms was held at Farmstead Restaurant in Berlin. We were treated to good food and had a good time.

On Saturday I was sampling Rebecca’s Tomato Basil Soup at the Ashery. In the afternoon it was not so busy, and I had the opportunity to observe the people shopping. It appeared folks were having a pleasant time browsing, looking at the different items on the shelves and a lot were enjoying the sample options that are located at different areas of the store. I could tell Christmas gifts were on people’s minds and they were enjoying picking items for that purpose.

Here is an idea a lady shared with me that I would like to try sometime:

Take whole pitted dates, stuff them with blue cheese, wrap individually with a slice of bacon and bake at 375’ for 30-40 minutes. Turn to bake evenly until bacon is crisp. That would make an interesting appetizer.

I hope everyone gets to enjoy some indoors activities this winter and you all have a Joyous Christmas.

“For unto you is born this day…. A Savior, which is Christ the Lord.”     -Luke 2:11