Good afternoon everyone,

Is everyone ready for our spring season? It seems like it is here. Now for the last couple weeks whenever we step outside, we have birds singing. They sound so cheery plus it is uplifting for our mentality.

On a recent trip to the swamps we saw a Great Blue Heron Rookery with between 60-70 nests in the top of the trees. There were also quite a few Herons there. Would they be nesting already? I understand that Bald Eagles and the Great Horned Owls lay their eggs quite early in the year. We also noticed that there are not as many migrating ducks in the area as usual. Since the lakes did not freeze over, with the winter being so mild, there was no need for them to migrate so far south.

Farmers are hauling manure and have started plowing. They are sowing seed and reaping a harvest.

Ladies are busy sewing or spring cleaning the house. Cupboards and drawers get sorted and cleaned along with ceilings and walls. We hope to be done before garden planting starts.
The Maple Syrup days were well attended and we had a good turnout.

Events scheduled at the Mt. Hope Auction are:
• March 26th–28th – Mid-Ohio Alternative Animal and BirdSale
• April 7th – Easter Lamb Sale

Scheduled Events at the Mt. Hope Event Center are:
• April 1st–2nd – Furniture Show
• April 4th – Faith View Books Music Celebration
• April 10th–11th – Choice Books Storyteller Conference

**Due to the virus restrictions these events may not take place. Here is the phone number for the Auction Barn if you want to call and find out : (330)674-6188

A group of youth boys and a few couples had gone to North Carolina to volunteer at a storm damage site with plans to stay 4 weeks but they needed to come home after only 2 weeks because of the virus.

I will close with the chorus of a song :
Till the storm passes over
Till the thunder sounds no more
Till the clouds roll forever from the sky,
Hold me fast, let me stand
In the hollow of thy hand
Keep me safe till the storm passes by