Good Morning Everyone,

This is Monday morning and we are having Spring! Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day but the air was still cool. This morning it is cloudy with a slight breeze blowing from the east, making it feel like we will be getting rain.

On my walk I saw a couple farmers plowing, a pair of ducks flying overhead, and a bluebird flying across the road twice, approximately 20-30 ft in front of me. It was close enough that I could plainly see its bright blue color. I was nearing home and thinking I hadn’t seen anything unusual when a bird song caught my attention. I listened hoping it would sing again; it did! I soon spotted the bird, a Savannah Sparrow! That was the first one I heard and saw this year. Purple Martins and Tree Swallows are also back.

Last month I wrote about marshes that are good spots for duck migration. I spent one day with friends at those places to see what we could find. We had a very good day seeing a total of 29 different species of waterfowl and some of them in large numbers.

One of the first things we do outside when the weather gets warmer is trim the grape vines, which was done last week.

Some of the farmers use a 2-bottom plow and hitch two 3-horse teams to it. One team gets hitched in front of the other. After they are hooked up to the plow the team in the front is the lead team. The farmer needs to only guide the lead team and the 2nd team follows, although he handles two sets of reins.

The grass is getting green and if we get some warm days it won’t be long until we can fix that delightful dish of Dandelion gravy. I like it served over boiled, steamed, or baked potatoes.

Last fall we sowed spinach and lettuce into our cold frame in the garden. The spinach survived and is big enough to eat but the lettuce froze out.

The Amaryllis bulb I brought up from the basement last month is now blooming. It took about 3 weeks for it to bloom.

In this Easter season may we all rejoice Jesus has risen and is Alive Forevermore!

May you all have a blessed Spring,