A Good Day To All,

It’s been good to see some of you since I last wrote and hopefully the predicted warmer weather will bring a few more of you around to say Hi in the coming days.

I ended my last letter with a “stay tuned” for the upcoming opportunities that we have here at The Ashery and I’d like to take the time to clue you all in on the latest and solicit your input!

I’m really excited to inform everyone that beginning this past week we broke ground for a New Expansion here at The Ashery! Plans are to  expand Bulk Foods, Deli, Seasonings & Spices, Fresh Ground Flour, & Cecil’s Frozen Custard (Beginning Saturday April 5th 2014)  to name a few!

This is an exciting time as we have been dreaming of this as a family for the past several years and it’s finally coming together!

Our goal is to be in our new expansion by late summer – early fall. We are adding a warehouse, offices, new restrooms and prep area and our current packaging and warehouse area will be turned into retail.

Here’s where we really need all your input, We would like to fill our store with the items you want and would like to hear your suggestions on what specific items you would like to see us carry. While we can’t guarantee we will be able to carry everything suggested we would like to do our very best to offer you what you are looking for!  So go ahead think outside the box and give us all kinds of ideas. It’s fun to brainstorm together. To request an item or line of products, please email me at bulkfood@asherycountrystore.com or stop by The Ashery and tell one of our great Employees what it is that you would like to have us carry.

I would like to end here with giving Glory to God our Creator for his blessings on our family and the opportunities he has given us to meet so many incredible people through this business. Many times things don’t go as planned and blessings come disguised through hard times and things we don’t see as good. Today I’d like to testify to the fact that no matter what the day may hold God is Good!

Have a great day!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

More coming about the expansion.