A friendly wave and howdy to all you great folks out there,

I trust you all are doing well and enjoying life. For us it’s been a grand time enjoying October and all the Fall related activities. As we head into November my mind always goes to Thanksgiving and the special memories that come with this Holiday. While we often think of gratefulness, today I’m inspired to look at the “giving” part of Thanksgiving.

I’m sure many times in your life you have had the opportunity to give to others and it may have been done for many different reasons. However, every time a person “gives” it requires a heart of gratefulness and blessing. Think about the difference in a “giver” vs. a “taker” and then ponder the thought that we most likely will give to others what we have been given. When someone gives me love it better enables me to give love, if I’m given pain from others I’ll tend to give pain to others, if I’ve experienced being forgiven I’m better able to give forgiveness and the list goes on. Giving is a beautiful act of Thanksgiving. So this Thanksgiving empower someone to give a blessing to others by giving to them.

On this note of giving I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce something new that we will be doing at the Ashery. We as a team of co-workers have been given so much and we’ve been talking about how we can become more involved in giving to the needs of our local community. November 25 – 30, the week of Thanksgiving will be our first Mission Week here at The Ashery. We will be featuring an item for the whole week. All profits from this Item will then be donated to a local need that is decided on by our employees. You will receive a notice of what this item is beforehand and every time you purchase a bag, you will be helping us help someone else. We are excited to see how we can grow this opportunity that has been given to us.

Hope you have a wonderful day,

Happy Trails, Curt