Good afternoon everyone,                                                            4-19-22

Is spring really here? We had some snow squalls throughout the day and a cold 32° this morning. Last week we had some very windy days.

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter weekend; Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. Christ is risen indeed!

New life is seen in different ways as the days get warmer and spring is here. As you travel the country roads, not only is the grass green in the fields, you can also see the cute little lambs frolicking around among their mothers as they graze. In another field among a herd of Black Angus beef the black calves lay contentedly in the green grass. They look so tiny compared to the full-grown cattle. I saw a beautiful patch of Snow Crocus’ and the Daffodils are blooming. Will the Lilacs be blooming in time for Mother’s Day? It is also the time to enjoy the springtime delicacy, Dandelion Gravy. Farmers have been doing a lot of plowing, but I haven’t seen much gardening done yet.

Events in Mt. Hope include a dairy sale on April 25th, a superior Friesian sale on May 6th & 7th. The regular horse sale is the second Saturday of every month. On April 28th, 29th, & 30th Berlin and surrounding areas have yard sales.

Anniversary Sale at the Ashery Store is set for May 7th. Come and look for the many new items we got in!

The youth enjoyed an early morning activity of Easter caroling on Good Friday. They sang at different homes in the area then met at the Deacon’s home for a hearty breakfast before going home again.

I read a tip on cooking black beans. Before cooking black beans, they should be soaked 24 hours. That makes them easier to digest.

Our farm dog has 7 puppies. Last Sunday we had visitors and after supper the children and some adults were outside admiring and cuddling the cute little fur balls with 4 legs, a tiny nose and a constantly wagging tail. After the adults had gone back inside a 6-year-old boy popped in through the front door and called out, “Mom! Why do puppies have a tail?”

Quote: “Kindness makes you the most beautiful person in the world, no matter what you look like.”

  • From the ICare Greeting Card Co.

Have a joy filled day,