Hello Everyone

This is on a Tuesday afternoon and the sky has that whitish, gray color again. We were blessed with 3 days of sunshine and blue sky. It was a prelude of what is to come. Warmer weather and Springtime! It is still February so I imagine we will get some more snow yet. I hope we will.

I went outside awhile this afternoon and helped rake gravel off the yard back onto the drive where it belonged. When pushing snow off the driveway with the skid-loader the bucket usually scrapes some gravel along as well.

This weekend there will be lots of people in our area with the Air Works auction in Mt. Hope and the Health Expo at the Heritage Center building along U.S. 62.

Feb 16-18 | Air Works Auction in Mt. Hope
Feb 17-18 | Tri-County Health Expo
Feb 23, 6-8 PM | The official kick-off to the new 4-H year in Holmes County is happening at Harvest Ridge. It is set up for new or newer families to come to learn and explore the Holmes County 4-H program.
Feb 23, 4:30-6:30 PM | Cabin Fever Soup Supper at the Holmes County Historical Society in Millersburg
March 6-11 | Mid-Ohio Draft Horse Sale at Mt. Hope**
March 2-4 | Amish Country Spring & Garden Show also at Mt. Hope.**
**Both of these events are very interesting!
March 6-10 | Draft Horse Expo in the Event Center in Mt. Hope

A Smile
Smiling is infectious; you catch it like a flu,
When someone smiled at me today, I stated smiling too.
When he smiled, I then realized it’s worth.
A single smile, just like mine, could travel ‘round the earth.
If you feel a smile begin don’t leave it undetected.
Let’s start an epidemic quick, and get the world infected.
Keep a smile going – send it on to a friend.
Everyone needs a smile now and then!

From “Cheerful Days Ahead”

Have a Smiley Month,