Good afternoon everyone,                                       1-23-23

We have had a very mild January without snow until yesterday. It began snowing mid forenoon and just kept on. It is a very wet snow possibly 4-5 inches this morning. The ground is white and the sky is about the same color. The tree branches look like they have a layer of whipped cream icing on them. It is very beautiful! I can imagine there will be all kinds of snowmen made today in this area.

On Saturday was butchering day again at our house. We did 2 beef. At the church ladies sewing they finished stitching a quilt and also worked on comforters.

Recently I read an article in Living Healthy magazine that woodland sounds boost our wellbeing. A study was done to find out if common noises we can hear in a forest actually improve a persons wellbeing. It showed listening to nature sounds increased relaxation, whereas listening to a meditation app did not. Woodland sounds also reduced stress and anxiety. Here is a list of how people ranked their preference for sounds in the woods: 1. Birdsong 2. A running stream 3. Wind rustling tree leaves 4. Silence 5. Twigs snapping underfoot 6. Animal Noises 7. Wind whistling through trees 8. Rain falling on leaves etc.

Perhaps it is needful to take more time to listen to nature.

Mark your calendars for:

Feb 16-18 is the Air Works sale in Mt. Hope

Feb 17-18 is the Health Expo at the Heritage Event Center along 62 between Berlin and Winesburg

A quote from Ann Ortland: “Jealously guard a daily quiet time with God. Everybody has 24 hours. We can soak ourselves in His word, in Himself…. If we want to.”

Have a good winter

  • Sovilla