Good Morning,                                    6.16.21

This morning the sun rose at 6:00 in a clear sky and cool temperatures. We had 54°, a beautiful morning. The laundry was done and hung outside to dry in the sun and fresh air. It always smells so fresh after it has dried outside.

Gardens are doing well. Right now, we have lots of lettuce that is ready all at once, and that is something we can’t freeze or can, or at least I have not heard of anyone doing it. I wonder if it would work to vacuum seal it to preserve it somehow.

Events at Mt. Hope include:

  • Machinery Sale: June 19th
  • Ohio Crippled Children’s Fund Auction: June 26th
  • Horse Progress Days: July 2nd – 3rd
  • Sheep & Goat Auction: July 8th & 15th
  • Swap Meet: July 16th – 17th

Annual Summer Sale at Ruby’s Country Store at Winesburg and that area has garage sales June 18th-19th. Shreve Swamp Fest on June 17th, 18th & 19th from 4:00 to 10:00 PM.

One Sunday, a few weeks ago, church services were held in a building where the buggies are usually kept, and it was a cool morning. Fire was built in a wood burner and after awhile it became a bit too warm for the people sitting closest to the stove. A window was opened, but the screen had not been put in yet. Ahhh! Fresh air felt good. I was sitting in the back row against the garage door. What’s that?! Oh, a bird came in the window! Upon finding itself inside it went wild. It flew to the nearest window then turned and flew straight for me but slammed against the window beside me and landed on my lap, but only for a split second then headed for another closed window then zoomed toward the minister. He reached with both hands to catch it, but it spied the open barn door. Freedom at last? No, it miscalculated its altitude and rammed against the wall above the opening and plummeted to the floor. It brought a grin to the faces of everyone that saw what had just transpired. The services continued so well that I don’t think the minister lost his train of thought.

A note on a few products at the Ashery:

  • For those dealing with pain, you may want to try the Arnica & St. John’s Wort Salve. I thought it helped my nerve pain.
  • We now carry Formula 717 and a Worm & Parasite Formula, plus Union Salve is back.
  • We have a new cookbook that families of a local school put together.

May you all have a good month….