Good Morning to one and all,

     This is a foggy morning in the middle of summer. At approximately mid-forenoon after the sun was already shining, the distant hills are still slightly shrouded in fog making it look like a misty dreamland. A beautiful morning!

     On my morning walk I took notice of the beauty of the roadside wildflowers. That is aomething that often gets missed in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. A sunny-yellow butterfly moth, (I don’t know what the different kinds of butterflies are), perched on top of a pinkish-red blossom of red clover and the lovely peri-winkle blue color of the flowers on the Chicory plants mixed in with the white Queen Anne’s Lace creates an interesting looking roadside ditch.

     A few weeks ago on July 9th my Mother peacefully passed away after being unresponsive for only 3 days. The funeral was held on the 12th. We were blessed with the way the neighbors and church folk came and helped in whatever way they could. They brought in food and took charge of having the meals ready for the family. It is encouraging to know that people care and share. I am grateful to God for the promise of eternal life through Jesus Christ.

     Canning season is upon us. We have done green beans, red beets, pickles, cherries, etc. The tomatoes will soon be ready. I planted tomatoes from seed that a friend gave me that will produce black tomatoes. I am looking forward to seeing how those will be. Have any of you readers ever eaten a black tomato?

     Zucchini and summer squash are plentiful. For a simple way to use them I saute’d them with onion and added powdered base and a little salt and served them over cooked brown rice.

                                         Have a great day , Sovilla.