Greetings from the Ashery again!
      Well, a lot of ground has been covered -in a literal sense- since my last writing. My family and I arrived home from our summer vacation on July 21st after putting in 7,200 miles in 3 weeks! It was good to rest in our own beds again.

      We had an incredible time of touring the Northwest United States and a portion of Southern Alberta, Canada, making memories for a lifetime with our family. We are very thankful for God’s protection over those many miles of travel.

      Well, the place was all in one piece and the employees had everything running so smoothly when I got back I started wondering if there’s a place for me to fit in around here. Just another huge “Thank-You” to our employees for giving our family this opportunity this summer! We pray God will bless your lives for it. Also, thank you to our customers for participating in our “Cat’s Away Mice Will Play” Ice Cream Cone giveaway. I arrived home with a lot of anticipation in finding out how many we gave away. It was exciting to hear that we gave away 356 ice cream cones during the 3 weeks! J Hopefully the calories were put to good use! On the sign out by the road I found the message you see in the attached picture. Thankfully they all came back to work again!

      For my family, summer is coming to a close really fast. School is just around the corner and the kids are not ready for it yet. Wish I was a kid again, but hey, stay a kid at heart, and life is a lot more interesting! We have 4 children – 3 boys & a daughter, and my lovely wife does a fantastic job of homeschooling them. The first day is usually really exciting and then we have to start with the bribes. Haha, just kidding about the bribes!

      Here at work we are getting ready for our Fall-time rush of business. As most of you well know it can get a little crowded around here during the Fall. We’ll put our best effort forth to keep the lines moving! J We will also try to keep you updated on when the peak tree colors are happening in our area.

      Looking forward to seeing you in the store! God’s Blessings to you.

      “There’s no place like home!”

      Happy Trails, Curt