Greetings from the Wild West Coast!

      I, along with my wife and kids, are in the middle of enjoying a 3 week vacation with stops along the way to visit some relatives. We’ve been having all kinds of wonderful experiences, including a hike to the top of Bears Hump in the Beautiful Waterton National Park of southern Alberta, Canada.

     The thing that made this special is that it’s in the middle of bear country, and just as we were ready to hike the trail, a woman came down and said, “There’s a bear just up the trail!” It was somewhat comforting to know that we were hiking with a guy that had a can of bear spray. Even though we didn’t see a bear on that hike, we did get the privilege of seeing 4 bears in the park before we left – a big highlight for our family! (See the accompanying pictures of our time in Waterton National Park) wild west2 wild west1
While in the Portland, Oregon area, we visited the Bob’s Red Mill store and had the privilege of meeting Mr Bob himself (founder of Bob’s Red Mill products that specializes in Organic and Gluten free grains and foods.) bob n i

         For a selection of these great products stop by the Ashery and find them in the Baking Section. While you’re there don’t forget to pick up your FREE ice cream cone when you give the key phrase, “Cats Away Mice Will Play” 🙂  (as stated in my last letter from home)

      We are being reminded daily of our Awesome God through His amazing creation!
Oh, and just in case you’re interested in knowing this, I just stopped at a gas station in Oregon and I’m not allowed to fill my own tank in this state – only the attendant at the pump. 🙁  So much for the wild west! 🙂

Have a great day and Happy Trails!    Curt