Greetings to all on a gorgeous day in Amish Country!

    Life just seems to be moving right along, not waiting on anyone these days. Really hard to believe that we are in the last half of June already and ready to begin the last half of the year! Wow!

    Speaking of the last part of June, my wife and kids, along with my mother, Freda, are getting excited about an upcoming vacation to the West Coast in July, heading through the Northwest and visiting some relatives along the way.

    Concerning life moving right along . . . it’s always interesting to me, living in an area known as “Amish Country” here in Ohio, that so many people come to this place for solitude and a time of get-away, while the locals often see life as busy, busy, busy. But hey, “get-away” is a relative term so as long as you “get away” from your normal buzz of daily schedule, that’s what matters. So for my family and me, that’s our plans, get away and watch others scurry around in their places of life. As it’s said, “Work fascinates me, I can sit and watch it for days!” Haha!

    Now, as an owner being gone from his business for three weeks, it gets him to thinking…. Is everything in place? Is everything accounted for so nothing is overlooked while I’m gone? Will the place be turned on its ear when I get back? Is the dog well fed? (Ok we don’t feed dogs at the Ashery, but hey, he still needs to be fed). . . And the list goes on. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. But then I’m reminded…. What in the world am I worrying about? Like I’m the only one that ever does the above mentioned and unmentioned things. After all, we are blessed with an incredible and capable team of employees that make it possible for our business to exist! A heartfelt “Thank-You” to all our employees that make it possible for us as a family to take a vacation like this. It truly is humbling. You do such a great job!


How about we have some fun?  

To you, our customers, I have a request!……

As an employer, one of my jobs is to make sure the workplace environment is one of honesty, integrity, & a pleasant atmosphere to work in. To be sure, I mess up many times, but thanks (again) to our employee’s efforts, this is made possible. My request is this: I need you (the customers) to help cover for me while I’m gone. (Wink, wink). There’s an old saying that goes like this, “When the cat’s away the mice will play.” Yep, I think you know where I’m going with this. I need you to check up on our employees for me while I’m gone and I’ll reward you for it! Come in anytime during the dates of July 1st – July 20th and do this for me: look around and make sure the employees are all wearing a smile, then go to the ice cream counter and give the KEY PHRASE, “Cats away, mice will play,” and they will gladly serve you (and anyone shopping with you that gives the key phrase) a single dip ice cream cone of your choice, FREE. (Ok, so you had to work for it, but we’ll go ahead and call it FREE). Just remember, everyone in your group that wants a FREE ice cream cone must give the KEY PHRASE.


   Well, my page is full and I need to get to work so I can develop an appetite for my wife’s spelt bread made from FRESH GROUND spelt berries topped with FRESH strawberry jam…… aahhh makes me salivate just thinking about it!

    Trusting you’ll have a great day, and experience God in new ways today. I’ll be “coming to you live” in July from the “Wild West!”

                                                                                                          Happy Trails, Curt Yoder