Good Morning,

     It is indeed a beautiful summer day. After having a rainy week the sunshine this morning is exceptionally nice.
     On my morning stroll I noticed one farmer out in the lush, green cornfield with 3 horses hitched to the cultivator. His dog was enjoying itself by coming along behind. Weeds grow fast in this type of weather but so does the corn.
It looks like someone had come along and cut the grass along the side of the road not too long ago as the periwinkle blue flowers were still open on the cut chicory plants. Just the week before there was still a lot of color along the roadsides.

    Our gardens are doing well, except my tomato plants are barely 6″ high. I guess I started them too late. Strawberries are past and soon the peas will be ready.


On Friday eve plans are to have our church picnic at a local park. It is an evening of food, fellowship, and the energetic ones play softball or volleyball. We hope for nice weather.

     On Sat, July 4th, at the Kidron Auction grounds there will be a benefit auction for the Ohio Crippled Children’s Fund. It begins with breakfast at 6:30am. The Auction starts at 9am with misc items and quilts, furniture items, etc start at 10am. There will also be lunch and baked goods available. If you are looking for something interesting to do that day you may want to spend your time there.

    On Wed, June 24th, Mt. Hope had garage sales throughout the whole town. It is amazing how many people can be in that little town on a special day like that.


I hope you all will have a great summer and I will close with a quote from a perpetual calendar: “Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.”