Greetings to all our great customers!

Well, the last letter left you staying warm and thinking about custard. I’m wondering how that worked out for everyone

It’s all worked out pretty good around here and I think for the most part no one gained too much weight because of eating custard.


Today begins a new part of our lives here at The Ashery as my brother Conrad begins working with us here at the business once again. It’s very exciting to have him on board! I have 2 older sisters and 2 younger brothers and Conrad is the youngest of us all  (we’re all getting pretty old).

Conrad spent most of his growing up years living here at The Ashery. He knows the neighbors and may even remember a few of our customers faces as well. He got married about 10 years ago moved to the Hartville area and has 4 children.

Conrad will be in training to serve as our retail floor manager so you should have plenty of opportunities to meet him and strike up a conversation, stop by and welcome him to The Ashery.

Super excited for all God has in store for us at The Ashery. Stay tuned & have a Great Day!

Happy Trails, Curt

PS.   Plans are to be offering “Cecil’s Frozen Custard” the first weekend in April.