Good morning everyone,

Summer is here! We have had some very beautiful summer days. This morning it is slightly cloudy with a pleasant south breeze. Yes, we have had a lot of rain and the fields where the cows are grazing are still a lush green. As we drive through the countryside I notice the flowers in the peoples yards are very pretty.

Grain shocks are standing in rows in the fields and I saw one farmer starting to cut his oats. The corn is growing fast; although in some fields we can see where the wet spots are. Cucumbers and green beans grow so fast it is a challenge to keep them picked often enough.

The youth group is planning a day trip. Some of the boys want to bike to Columbus during the night and meet the rest that are traveling on a bus!

The events at Mt. hope this month are:

  • The Swap Meet on July 19th – 20th
  • Rainbow of Hope Benefit Auction on July 26 & 27 to help with bills for Children with disabilities and health challenges
  • The Steam & Engine Show on August 1,2,3
  • On August 10th is Sportsman for Humanity

On Saturday PM I walked back the farm lane to the back field and heard the faint buzzing song of a sparrow. It was just enough to grab my attention. I knew we had Savannah sparrows but this was different. Might it be a Grasshopper Sparrow? When I got back to the house I listened to a bird recording to help me decide. After supper I took my binoculars and walked back again and sure enough I heard it again. On the right side of the path I saw what looked like a bird on top of a weed. Using the binoculars I could see it sing and heard the whole song. Yes! It was a Grasshopper Sparrow. It is a tiny bird. Do any of you birders know if they are common in this area?


Here is a recipe that I think I will try. I have not used it before so I don’t know how they taste, but it sounds simple.

Excellent Uncooked Pickles

Select good small pickles (or long pickles diced into 1” pieces). Wash and dry, pack into jars. Put ½ teaspoon salt in each quart jar. Make a brine of 2 cups water, 1 cup cider vinegar, ½ cup sweetner. Double as many times as needed. Put jars in boiler in cold water and bring to a boil. When it starts boiling take jars out of water and tighten lid. This makes a very crisp pickle. Variations: Put dill or garlic glove or both in jars for flavor                    -From Martha Wideman

If anyone tries these, I’d like to hear whether you like them.

Quote: “Life is full of shadows, but it takes the sunshine to make them known”   -Unknown

Enjoy your summer