Good morning everyone,

It is Monday morning again and I hope everyone had a good and restful Sunday yesterday.

I stopped outside the store to see what the weather is like. It is a beautiful summer day. The clouds are scattered in the blue sky and occasionally hide the sun for a little while. A soft breeze is coming from the south, gently swaying the laundry the neighbors have hung on the lines.

Ladies are enjoying harvesting their summer vegetable crop from the gardens. There is sweet corn, green beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, red potatoes, etc. It seems this year folks had a problem with having those big green worms on the sweet corn. One lady shared that she puts 1 teaspoon of oil on top of every ear of corn and hers did not have any worms.

Farmers are still making hay. A lot of the hay got put up moist and wrapped in plastic. It has been almost too wet to put up dry hay until now they probably could.

Schools will be starting in a week or two, which means summer will soon be over.

Last week we had a customer here from Arizona! He said he came into our store especially to get some greaseless Amish Origins Salve!

In looking through our guest book it is interesting to see where folks are from. Some of the recent entries are: France; Pennsylvania; Long Island, NY; Tennessee; Indiana; Dallas, TX; Massachussetts; Canada & Virginia.

One lady customer gave me a tip on how to make good brownies using our mix. She adds yogurt instead of oil and a little ground cardamom.

Another customer shared that Unker’s salve is good on burns. They had burns heal without leaving a scar.

Now for the events at the Mt Hope Sale Barn & Event Center:
• Machinery Sale – Saturday, Aug 24th
• The Annual Haiti Benefit Auction – Aug 30th & 31st
• Quilt Show – Sept 5-7

One day last week as I was approaching my nephew’s house their 3 year old son excitedly called out to me, “Villa! We saw an eagle!” He stretched out his arms as wide as he could, saying, “It had long wings!”

Oh, may the exuberance of children rub off on us as we praise the Lord as in Psalms 9:1-2: I will praise thee, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will shew forth all thy marvelous works. I will be glad an rejoice in thee. I will sing praise to thy name, O Thou most high.

Have a good rest of the summer,