Good Morning,

Another cold morning of 13°. Are you all surviving in this cold and snowy weather? Keeping warm? I guess the easiest way to do that is to stay inside.

This is the right time of the year for this kind of weather and yesterday was a beautiful winter day. By mid-afternoon the sun was shining and above 20° so I decided to bundle up and go outside for some exercise and fresh air. I started noticing the tracks in the snow. There were tracks made by the family dog, the barn cats, and the backyard rabbits. Then one unusual track that took a little time to decide what is was. It must have been a bicycle pulling a bike cart.

It was very quiet with not much of anything moving, and only a slight breeze. I did see a few Hawks. One was flying by then landed on a fence post and the other was perched near the top of a huge, old oak tree. I suppose they could see me better than I them, for as soon as I got to close for their comfort they took off. I think they were Red-tailed Hawks.

Winter is a more quiet time of year; hopefully we can enjoy it while it lasts and looks forward to Spring.

Here is a tasty, jello salad that always was a treat for us when we made it when most of the fmaily was still at home to enjoy it.

Golden Glow Salad

1 cup orange jello

2 cups boiling water

24 large marshmallows

¾ cup pineapple juice

¾ cup shredded carrots

¾ cup crushed pineapple

1 – 8oz. package cream cheese

Dissolve jello in boiling water; set aside. Melt marshmallows in pineapple juice. Cream softened cream cheese then combine alll ingredients and pour into dish or mold. Chill until firm.

A little verse of Cheer for those who feel coop-up in the wintertime.

It takes more than a little cloud

To hide the skies of blue

It takes more than a hazy mist

To veil the sunshine too!

It takes more than the black of night

To dim a shining star

And God’s peace and hope will brighten

The corner where you are.

Have a safe & healthy winter,